Business Migration

We help you to locate your business and assist you with operational processes to establish business presence in international territories

Business Brokering

We are a trusted mediator in facilitating your business needs; from buying and selling to acquisition of required resources


We facilitate franchising opportunities that help you to get access to strategic and beneficial partnerships with leading global brands

Business Accelerator

We help you accelerate the growth of your early stage business or start-up by making it scalable and investable.

Welcome to Fresh Bounce!

At Fresh Bounce, we facilitate ambitious investors and entrepreneurs seeking valuable investment and business opportunities in international territories – mainly Sri Lanka, UK and Europe. Embarking on a brand new business venture is an exciting and rewarding process, but it’s also a bold one, and here at Fresh Bounce we do the initial heavy lifting that’s required in order to get an investment off the ground, and turn it into something that’s alive and kicking.

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Why choose Fresh Bounce?

As a facilitator we do all the heavy lifting for our clients keeping them motivated, enthusiastic and optimistic about a venture into pastures new.

We provide a friendly service with an open-door policy, which allows clients to approach us with any questions or queries.

We turn the unfamiliar into the familiar; Fresh Bounce provide a comprehensive and detailed insight into new territories, to allow our clients to make an investment in full confidence.

We adhere to international norms and laws in respective countries, and all business transactions are completed securely in partnership with legal representatives.

Fresh Bounce; leading the way in facilitating ethical trading with commercial success.

Business Migration

When you think of expanding your business, think of Fresh Bounce. We are a professional intermediary helping you in the process of locating your business activities in new territories. You could also be an aspiring Sri Lankan entrepreneur looking for expansion in the West, or you could be an entrepreneur already who has invested in the West looking for business establishments in Sri Lankan Soil; whatever your requirement may be, we will be at your service to make your investment a success.


With our partnered companies based in the UK, Europe and Sri Lanka you will find flexibility, convenience and transparency in all our work we undertake on your behalf.


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 Idea Investment 


You may be having a business idea or an individual project that requires some professional support to turn it into a realistic project being implemented in Sri Lanka. We invest our time and effort to get your campaign off the ground and to ensure you gain highest possible rewards as expected.


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